Boot screen…

I am getting reports that not on all computers Documents folder is available to the user (weird, isn’t it?) so Sciter Notes is not able to create a database at default location. So I am redesigning application launch code. It will show something like the above.

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Motivation and a bit of history

2002, EverNote 2.0, Above is one historical photo from my archives. You see there pretty much whole initial EverNote team (from left to right): myself, Stepan Pachikov  and Edward Talnykin (Эдуард Талныкин, PhD, USSR Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, RIP) at Stanford, California, somewhere around 2002-2003. That was one of first EverNote design meetings. Somewhere in 2002 Stepan came up with the great idea […]

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“Magic sequences” a la Markdown

Some character sequences, when typed inside the note editor, cause formatting to be applied to the text: If following characters typed in first position of a paragraph then it gets transformed into: #_ or  1._ ordered list item *_ unordered list item -_ definition list item ^_ checkmark list (a.k.a. todo) >_ quote block `_ “backtick” […]

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Personal Wikipedia

At the moment notes are represented as a flat list in order of their creation. Inter-notes hyperlinks While that default list works in most cases you may wish to organize your notes in other structures. Like hierarchical Wikipedia when “root” page contains links to other articles. This enables quite complex net alike organization of information. To […]

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WYSIWYG editing

Under the hood each note is just an HTML file. And when you export the note from the application it gets saved as html file that can be viewed by browsers or other applications and editors like Microsoft Word and the like. Sciter Notes provides WYSIWYG editing of notes so rest of us (non-programmers) can […]

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Sharing notes

The task As an owner of your notes you may wish to share some of notes with other people – members of your team or family. Same situation is when you have multiple computers – e.g. Windows desktop and Mac laptop. You shall be able to share your notes between your own devices – you on Windows with you on Mac […]

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Active Notes

As a rule each note is a formatted text but for some of them it is a desire to attach some actions to them, for example: User’s story I have a note about some event in future. I would like to add alarm to my note so the Notes will warm me about the event […]

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Open Source Sciter

Crowdfunding campaign to Open Source
Sciter and Sciter.JS engines is in effect right
now on KickStarter!

You can help to Open Source the Sciter by:

  1. donating to the campaign or/and
  2. by spreading the word about the campaign.
Let's make it happen!