Sciter Notes is free for personal use and does not contain any advertisements.


Microsoft Windows


Portable version (standalone executable)

Portable Sciter Notes application does not require installation or any kind of registration, so simply copy content of /bin/32/ or /bin/64/ folder out of the zip to some place on your PC. For example on memory stick drive to carry notes with you. There is just one file there:

  1. sciter-notes.exe is the executable to run.


Not yet. Application works on Mac but I need to find the way to distribute it without paying Apple $100 per year for distributing free application. Not that $100 is a problem but in principle.

Linux/Gtk 64-bit OS (Ubuntu, Mint and others)


Does not require installation, simply unpack content to some folder on your computer and run sciter-notes file. You may need to run chmod 755 sciter-notes (allow execution) permission on that file at destination folder. (I’d appreciate if someone will help me to make better distribution package for Linux, sigh )

Source code of Sciter Notes

Sciter Notes application source code is located on GitLab.