Sciter Notes is free for personal use. It does not contain any advertisements. It does not send any information anywhere.

If you like it and want the development to continue please express your gratitude by donating to the project:

Each penny really counts and will go directly to particular developers. If you will donate more than $300 we can put your logo and link on Sciter Notes Wall of Fame.

Just for your consideration: annual salary of Professional Software Developer is varying in each country but you can assume that it is in the range $50,000 … $150,000 or $30…$50 per hour. So realistically speaking, to support development of projects of such scale as Sciter Notes we need quite a lot of funding. Therefore please spread the word about Sciter Notes.

While donating you can describe feature(s) that you would like to see in next version of your Notes.

Microsoft Windows (from XP to 10)


Installation executable less than 2 Mb. Download and run it on your PC to install 32 bit version of Notes that will run on all officially supported Windows versions.

4.6 Mb ZIP file that includes 32-bit and 64-bit Notes executables.

Sciter Notes application does not require installation or any kind of registration, so simply copy content of /bin/32/ or /bin/64/ folder out of the zip to some place on your PC. For example on memory stick drive to carry notes with you. There are just two files there:

  1. notes.exe is the executable to run and
  2. sciter.dll is the Sciter engine. Required.



4.1 Mb, download the DMG file and open it. Then drag to Applications folder:

Linux/Gtk 64-bit OS (Ubuntu, Mint and others)


3.7 Mb. Does not require installation, simply unpack content to some folder on your computer and run notes file. You may need to enable -x (allow execution) permission on notes and files in destination folder. (I’d appreciate if someone will help me to make better distribution package for Linux, sigh )

Source code of Sciter Notes

Sciter Notes application is a part of Sciter Engine SDK distribution that you can download for free from and GitHub

    • {Sciter-sdk}/notes/ is the whole application with Visual Studio, XCode and Code::Blocks projects.
    • {Sciter-sdk}/notes/res/ is the folder containing HTML/CSS/scripts constituting the application.