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At the moment notes are represented as a flat list in order of their creation.

Inter-notes hyperlinks

While that default list works in most cases you may wish to organize your notes in other structures. Like hierarchical Wikipedia when “root” page contains links to other articles.

This enables quite complex net alike organization of information.

To support this I am going to allow insertions of cross-notes links and again with Markdown-alike pseudo codes, thus when you type something like:

See more details in [note: W|

it will show popup list of all notes with titles starting from letter W so you can select note to link to.

(| symbol above designates caret position).

Root notes

Such hierarchical representation naturally asks for having some “root” notes – sticker-notes that can be accessed/opened by one click.

I need to find proper place in UI for them… Ideas?

Yet, as soon as we will have free form navigation then there is a need for those famous GoBack/GoForward buttons, sigh.

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