“Magic sequences” a la Markdown

Some character sequences, when typed inside the note editor, cause formatting to be applied to the text:

If following characters typed in first position of a paragraph then it gets transformed into:

#_ or  1._ ordered list item
*_ unordered list item
-_ definition list item
^_ checkmark list (a.k.a. todo)
>_ quote block
`_ “backtick” + space, preformatted text block
h1_ .. h6_ headers of level 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
[c:r]_ creates table of c number of columns and r number of rows. c and r are single digits here.
[c:r:ch:rh]_ creates table of c number of columns, r number of rows, ch number of header columns and rh number of header rows.   c,  r, ch and cr are single digits here.
Example: typing [3:3:1:1] will create 3*3 table with single header row and column.

where _ is space symbol.


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