September 9, 2017

WYSIWYG editing

Under the hood each note is just an HTML file. And when you export the note from the application it gets saved as html file that can be viewed by browsers or other applications and editors like Microsoft Word and the like.

Sciter Notes provides WYSIWYG editing of notes so rest of us (non-programmers) can edit documents without knowing what Hyper-Text-Markup-Language really is and what is an internal structure of the document.

But there are editing tasks that we cannot accomplish with pure WYSIWYG or at least without proper visualization of internal structure.

Professional editing tools

I am thinking about adding professional editing tools (or installable plugins) that may help those of us who know HTML mechanics to accomplish some corner case tasks of editing.

Here is an example from another Sciter based project I am working on, it shows WYSIWYG editing canvas with HTML outline bar (on the left) visualizing structure of the document. It really helps to understand what’s going on under the hood:
wysiwyg outline

And here is another professional (“anti-WYSIWYG” though) feature that allows to edit sources of notes directly:

Not sure though do we need this at all? Or shall I create something like Sciter Notes Pro version? Thinking…

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