Note sharing is coming

The feature is about two major things: Access to notes on Mobile devices; Sharing notes with yourself (on multiple computers), family or your team. In order to achieve this I am introducing “Books sharing” feature: you can declare particular book as shared – having mapped to some folder on your hard drive: When the book […]

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This version is built with Sciter v. It fixes various editing issues yet restores “taken from URL” functionality. When note is copy pasted from Web page, the application adds hyperlink to source page to the note. That hyperlink addition can be undone by pressing CTRL+Z

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Motivation and a bit of history

2002, EverNote 2.0, Above is one historical photo from my archives. You see there pretty much whole initial EverNote team (from left to right): myself, Stepan Pachikov  and Edward Talnykin (Эдуард Талныкин, PhD, USSR Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, RIP) at Stanford, California, somewhere around 2002-2003. That was one of first EverNote design meetings. Somewhere in 2002 Stepan came up with the great idea […]

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