June 28, 2019

Note sharing is coming

The feature is about two major things:

  1. Access to notes on Mobile devices;
  2. Sharing notes with yourself (on multiple computers), family or your team.

In order to achieve this I am introducing “Books sharing” feature: you can declare particular book as shared – having mapped to some folder on your hard drive:

When the book is mapped you will see “shared” icon and all notes in the book will be stored as ordinary .htm files in that folder.

Therefore if you will choose a folder on your DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, NextCloud and so on you will be able to see your notes even without Sciter.Notes application installed.

Each cloud provider has special client Mobile applications that allow to browse and lookup folders with .htm files. This way you can access your notes on your phone or, by using browser, from anywhere – even without Sciter.Notes installed.

Yet. Multiple instances of Sciter.Notes (of different users for example) can map the same folder into their DBs and so users can share notes and even edit them simultaneously:

For the shared notes folder Sciter.Notes monitor changes in it and when it detects changes it merges notes content with you have in your personal database.

Cloud storages or network shared folder mechanism will do a) delivery of changes and b) provide alternative mechanism for viewing notes.

Therefore you will still have full control of your personal notes with the option to share all of them or just particular books.

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