Notes database

Sciter stores notes in single file – notes database file. By default that file is named as sciter-notes.db

Database location

Database location is determined first time when you run sciter-notes.exe it will show this screen:

Select option you need and press Create.

Very first option is suitable if you plan to carry Notes with you – on memory stick or card.

Universal notes database format

Notes database file is OS agnostic – the same database file can be used by Windows, MacOS and Linux versions of  Sciter Notes application. Therefore you can place your notes.db on memory stick drive and use it on different PC’s and Mac’s:

Exclusive use of notes database

When particular sciter-notes.db is opened by Sciter Notes application it gets locked for exclusive use by that particular application. You cannot open the same notes.db by multiple instances of Sciter Notes.

Backup of Notes

sciter-notes.db file can be backed up – copied to some safe location of your choice. If you will chose Permanent location option (in Documents folder) then it is quite easy to setup backup using your OS means.

Exporting notes from DB

Sciter.Notes allows you to export all or particular notes as HTML files to a folder of your choice.

HTML is an universal format that can be viewed in browser on any modern device including mobiles.

In order to export all notes right click on All notes and activate Export … menu item:

It will ask you to chose a folder where all your notes will go.