Notes database

Sciter stores notes in single file – notes database file. By default that file is named as notes.db and is located in user’s Documents folder.

Multiple note databases

In principle you may have as many separate note databases as needed and call notes.exe with -db parameter providing full path to particular notes.db:

notes.exe -db path/to/notes.db

Yet you may create multiple desktop shortcuts to notes.exe with those databases.

Universal notes database format

Notes database file is OS agnostic – the same database file can be used by Windows, MacOS and Linux versions of  Sciter Notes application. Therefore you can place your notes.db on memory stick drive and use it on different PC’s and Mac’s:

Exclusive use of notes database

When particular notes.db is opened by Sciter Notes application it gets locked for exclusive use by that particular application. You cannot open the same notes.db by multiple instances of Sciter Notes.

But it will be an option to share notes and selected notebooks across multiple your devices and people – members of your team, family, etc. See: Sharing Notes, Directions