Stack of notes, history of recently open notes for faster access: Initial version of notebook sharing feature, check previous message NOTE: this is an experimental feature, don’t use it yet on critical notebooks without testing. Create Test notebook and try to share notes there.

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version + HTML Notepad

New version of Notes with Sciter is on the site. This is mostly maintenance release – many bugs were fixed since version 4.0. Among other things is better compatibility with Windows 10 Acrylic theming. Yet I’ve published HTML Notepad application that can be used with Notes to edit particular note with access to its […]

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New version of Notes with Sciter is on the site. New features: Events in notes, see Crafting Events posting. Ability to select database location on initial run, see Boot Screen article. Fixes: Various minor fixes related to note editing.

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Open Source Sciter

Crowdfunding campaign to Open Source
Sciter and Sciter.JS engines is in effect right
now on KickStarter!

You can help to Open Source the Sciter by:

  1. donating to the campaign or/and
  2. by spreading the word about the campaign.
Let's make it happen!