version + HTML Notepad

New version of Notes with Sciter is on the site. This is mostly maintenance release – many bugs were fixed since version 4.0. Among other things is better compatibility with Windows 10 Acrylic theming. Yet I’ve published HTML Notepad application that can be used with Notes to edit particular note with access to its […]

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Crafting Events

Essentially Event is just some date (an optionally time) in Notes. If you will type in the note something like this: Check the site on [2018-01-21 -1d] then SN will mark the note by Event tag (see above) and will start tracking the note for the time. On 2018-01-21 minus one day SN will start showing the note in active/pending events list […]

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Yet thinking and experimenting with Markdown representation of the note. To be honest Markdown looks barely readable in Notes context. Yes, you can easily edit it but it is quite hard to visualize its result without parallel preview. Yet too much visual noise. Comment: this is related to discussion on HN about Emacs Org-mode and Markdown in general.  

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Boot screen…

I am getting reports that not on all computers Documents folder is available to the user (weird, isn’t it?) so Sciter Notes is not able to create a database at default location. So I am redesigning application launch code. It will show something like the above.

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