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      In some cases (I do not fully understand what is the reason) export is not working, i.e. there is no dialog (Windows) to choose file name shown.

      The case is reproduced with a new note containing only the following as preformatted text:

      html { behavior:accesskeys; }  /* hyperlinks */
      a:link { text-decoration:underline; color:blue; cursor:pointer; behavior:hyperlink; }
      a:link:hover { color:red; }
      a:link:active { text-decoration:none; }
      a:link:focus { color:orange; }
      a:link:tab-focus { text-decoration:double-underline; }

      Pressing Export button gives no effect. But if you remove “preformatted” and keep just the text – the dialog is shown.

      P.S. I tried to reproduce it in different ways, and this one is the easiest. The core problem was found when trying to export a note with Russian title (<h1>), but it is not reproduced with new notes – managed to solve it changing h1 to one-word English title just for export.

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